Life deserves an update

I’m redfaced.

There’s no excuse for not updating this site since 2015. Ok, maybe there are, but it’s still embarassing.

With that, time to get back to doing better here. Nothing like self-almost-isolation from a virus to bring me back to get things caught up and “rebooted”.

What’s new?

Honestly, not a lot and quite a bit. For the moment, Monica & I are both working from home. UNC has allowed its employees to do that since mid-March, so, for the moment, we are balancing both of us working in a one bedroom apartment. KFKA management has been stellar in allowing me to work from home since getting back from the “Tournament That Wasn’t”, which means I’ve been in place, essentially, for two months.

Monica officially is in a new post in the College of Performing and Visual Arts at UNC, becoming the Business Manager for the college as part of a major upheaval because of major budget cuts.

As for me, I’ve seen the elimination of one play-by-play gig, as the Colorado Ice/Crush folded. That’s opened up my spring and summer more, while I continue to have my UNC duties. I’m not hosting any shows beyond the UNC coaches ones during the school year, but continue as the afternoon news anchor and KFKA’s News Director.

So, you’ve got a lot more free time?

Uh, no.

I’ve become “the guy” for the station website, which has had its challenges. Trying to keep things within reason–design, costs, ideas–is definitely something I enjoy & get frustrated at (go figure, right?).

Are you looking forward to the football season?

Loaded question right now.

Yes, I have that apple in front of me.

No, because I’m concerned about a number of factors and there are a ton of questions those in the higher pay grades have to deal with.

Keep in mind, that while I continue to get a clean bill of health from my cardiologist, I still am considered “compromised”. I take a medication daily as a result of my heart failure, a medication I’ll be on the remainder of my life because of how it altered my heart. I’m actually avoiding stores and the like because of that.

That said, I would like as much of a return to “normal” as everyone. it’s just not going to be that easy on the grand scale.

Doing any reading?

Of course. Too much WWII material, a couple of treatises on Nixon’s downfall, one of the recent screeds on Trump…I’m taking a break from those currently with a book on the creation and adventures of the Seattle Pilots. While my Royals and the Padres remain from the 1969 MLB expansion, the Pilots went bankrupt before being shifted to Milwaukee. Montreal was the fourth expansion franchise that year.

Beyond reading, Monica & I have been watching “Mrs. America” from FX. And I continue to refine my cooking abilities. I may not be a grand chef, but I hold my own.

What else?

Would you believe Mom and Dad are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year?