The time crunch begins as the future looms

It’s getting to be time.

This coming Monday will mark two weeks until I drive away from Greeley for the last time as a resident of this community, with Monica following suit later in the week.

While much of our stuff isp, surprisingly, still packed from our move to west Greeley in 2017, there is still plenty for us to do in preparation for movers to be here on December 28th. We’ve been afforded time to get everything together, however, as this move may actually be one of the least stressful we’ve faced–save for using the UNC football team’s offensive lineman to shift apartments in 2016.

Because of the clock beginning to tick away, I’m putting “Coverdale’s Corner” on hiatus until after the New Year. We have begun to schedule necessary appointments and I may even find myself on the UNC campus next week to help Monica close out some things in her office.

Part of the work at our current home includes tearing down what was to have been a temporary studio in our bedroom. Little did anyone know in mid-March that “temporary” wouldn’t mean that it would only be for a few weeks but, instead, temporary until leaving Greeley.

There will be much more from me at some point, as there are so many emotions at play right now. Those emotions are swirling around everything we’re doing right now, but this is quickly becoming a time where focus on one specific goal needs as much of my attention as possible.

It’s strange after nearly 20 years here to say we’re “coming home”, but that’s really what’s happening. Here’s to a smooth transition to Manhattan and picking back up the podcast in the New Year!