Updates, updates, updates

The home office finally has some organization to it, including my new recording set-up, so I guess I can take some time to check in here.

Our move has already paid some dividends in reconnection. Reconnection with family and some events. Reconnection with our time, though that’s still being worked on. Reconnection with friends. Reconnection with things that make us happy.

Without getting too deep into the details, one of the things that has been highlighted by the changes is how our approaches to our work the past few years had overridden our best interests. The past 18 months, dating back to the death of Monica’s father, sent all of it swirling even faster.

At this point, we’re both working to adjust accordingly. Working 14-16 hour days–without our co-workers even realizing what we were doing in most cases–isn’t going to happen again. Neither of us can afford to do that to our mental and physical well-being.

That said, there’s nothing new on the employment side of things for me. That’s keeping in mind we’re reaching a time where things begin to shift in the college athletics world each year. It’s been a rough few weeks to watch and listen to ballgames for me, though. For the first time in 30 years, I wasn’t involved in broadcasting a post-season basketball event at any level and it was hard, given the memories.

Monica has talked with a potential employer here. That’s a story I’ll hold close to the vest for the moment, though.

On the podcast front, I am working to get going again. While the recording set-up is in place, one of the challenges, given Monica’s current work schedule, is balancing our time in the home office. My podcast hosting site provider–Anchor–has, however, unveiled a way to automate posts like this, converting them to podcast episodes.

I have currently pulled all of the previous episodes and am in the process of shifting my account over to be able to utilize that technology, It means that the current “Coverdale’s Corner” page on your podcast provider will be disappearing within the next week to ten days. After it does, I’ll be free to restart the podcast at Anchor and tie it to my website accordingly.

In other words, stay tuned.